We just moved to Austin from Irving. These are pictures of our new apartment about a month after we moved in.

Please keep in mind that we've either been actively moving or working at our new jobs a Dell since day one in this place, so we haven't really had time to unpack and get the place looking nice. I'll update pics and such as we make changes

Our friend Serk was kind enough to ride his bike down to visit us and brought his new toy (digital camera) with him, so we now have pics of the place.

All of these current pictures were taken 3/16/02

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Our New Apartment

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This is the floor plan for the new place. It's about 926 square feet with 9 foot ceilings.


These are pictures of our bathroom.


This is the bathroom counter. Still messy, but hopefully it won't stay that way.


This is the garden tub. Eddy's favorite part of the entire apartment.


These are pictures of our dining room.


This is the dining room as seen from in front of the refridgerator.

bryan in dining.jpg

This is me standing in the dining room in front of the door to the office. Taken from very close range as you can see. The camera was just in fron of the island visible in the above picture.


These are pictures of the office. Serk is visible in both pictures. Later that day we put up shelves on two walls.


This is the office as seen from the doorway from the dining room.


Another view of the office. Taken from in front of the window standing next to the servers / printer.


These are pictures of our kitchen. Lots of counter space and cabinet space. We just haven't quite figured out where to put everything yet.


This is a view of the kitchen, taken from just in front of the patio door visible in the picture of the living room you'll see later.


This is a shot of all the elephants we have sitting on top of our kitchen cabinets (mainly 'cause there's no other place they'll all FIT in the place). I've posted this pic mainly to make a friend of ours in Palestine ill. Love ya Cha!!


This is the bedroom and the bedroom closet. Please take no notice of the mess, we actually hadn't been out of bed very long.


This is the bedroom as seen from the hall door.


This is the bedroom as seen from the bedroom closet door.

bedroom closet.jpg

This is the bedroom closet. Kinda self explanatory.


These are miscellaneous pictures of the rest of the apartment.


This is the living room as seen from the front, right corner of the island. No, Eddy doesn't have red eye, I think he was just trying to super power laser beem eyes to kill a fly.


This is the hall leading back to the bedroom.


This is the laundry room. You don't know HOW happy we are to be in a first floor unit with those machines.


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Me and My Boyfriend Pics

Our New Apartment

Pictures of my New Car!!!

IRC Just Friend's Pics

Last Updated: March 31, 2002